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RocketGirl Sites is a Michigan design studio that offers creative solutions to business.
Being one themselves, they understand your special needs and budgets.

Principal, Mary Lulich, has been in the graphic field since her high school days -
then working for the local newspaper using the first CompuGraphic system!
(I'm not about to tell you! If you want to know how long ago that was, you'll want to google CompuGraphic... )
I have a wide network of top notch illustrators, photo editors and copywriters.

The tripod of experience, talent and skill provides an easy, breezy site that will set you apart from your counterparts!

Your site will be unique!

I hear you when you say you want to maintain your site.

I'm building our sites on the WordPress CMS platform that allow you, the owner of your site, easy access and easy editing.
I say "if you can use basic word processing programs, you can edit your own site!"
The platform I build on will allow for potential growth as your business grows.

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